Marine Services

The Marine Services division of Adoc Inc. provides one-stop waterborne services. We offer full-service solutions that are made possible by our vast inventory of floating equipment, which includes tug boats, cranes and barges. We also boast a large fleet of pedestal-mounted floating cranes, all of which are outfitted with self-elevating mooring spuds.

Inland-service Barges

Our inland-service barges are designed for use in the protected waters of harbors, rivers, and bays, transporting materials and equipment to and from job sites. These barges are the workhorses of the marine-construction trade and can be found supporting small marina pile-driving and dredging jobs as well as major marine civil-works projects. Our diverse fleet offers deck, spud and hopper barges that accommodate the installation of equipment, such as crawler cranes and excavators, and transportation of a wide range of bulk materials.